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Once exterior surfaces have been treated with LICHENITE to kill algae, lichen and moss they can be protected using the following products:



Is a major headache for thousands of households throughout the country, it is unsightly, smells and will contaminate your clothes, furnishings and leather goods.


Black mould growth is generally not very nice, it is unpleasant to have it in your home, it is embarrassing to have friends and relatives see mould growing across your walls and ceilings and it will affect your health.


Many people think that it is caused through dampness. However, there are 14 different types of dampness according to the Building Research Establishment ranging through from rising damp, penetrating damp, bursts, leaks, floods, spillage, seepage, built in water, etc.


However, 80-85% of mould problems are attributed to one specific type of dampness - condensation - which is man made dampness. Only 15-20% of mould problems arise from true damp.


Condensation is most prevalent at certain times of the year although with the right conditions, can occur at any time of the year. Homes are most susceptible during the renown ‘Condensation Season’ – October through until April when it is a common sight to see condensation on windows, usually in the mornings in kitchens and bathrooms.

The air within your home contains water vapour – the amount depends on the temperature in your home. The warmer it is the more moisture that can be held, however, when moist air comes into contact with either colder air or a cold surface, it is unable to retain the same amount of moisture and the water is released to form condensation.

The average family can produce up to 15 litres of water vapour in a day through normal activities of washing, bathing, cooking, clothes drying and breathing. That’s an awful lot of condensation and it has to go somewhere.


Older properties, particularly solid wall – solid brick, solid stone, solid concrete are much more prone to condensation and mould problems because the walls are much colder than modern properties with cavity walls and good insulation.

Fifty years ago most houses had high natural ventilation with sash windows and open fireplaces and the level of insulation was low. In recent times natural ventilation has been greatly reduced by the introduction of double glazing, draught excluders, fitted carpets the removal of open fireplaces and the introduction of central heating. Homes have now become sealed boxes and created the perfect condition for condensation and mould to occur.


The effectiveness of MGC products has been proven from over four and a half decades of successful application in social and private sector housing and also shown by tests carried out by the BRE, PRA and several other independent laboratories.     Products


Mould Growth Consultants is a unique organisation specialising in solving problems of the micro-biological deterioration of buildings. The Company, established over 52 years ago, deals with black mould, dampness and condensation infecting walls and ceilings inside buildings and solves external problems of moss, lichen and algae. Experience gained in over fifty years has resulted in the development of a range of specialist maintenance products, black mould treatments, coatings and materials designed specifically to cure these ever increasing black mould problems. MGC black mould products, treatments and systems have been successfully specified and used over many years by Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Industrial and Commercial outlets, Private Landlords and homeowners. MGC is an ISO 9001 accredited Company and all our products have Health and Safety Executive approval under C.O.P.R where applicable. They have been tested by many accredited organisations including Building Research Establishment, Paint Research Association and National Physical Laboratory.  Click here to contact us