Mould Growth Consultants Mould Eradication Kit Video

Video showing how to use Mould Growth Consultants specialist treatments and products to kill black mould.

video showing how to use MGC Mould Eradication Kit to treat mould

How to use a MGC Mould Eradication Kit

Mould growth on walls and ceilings must be treated in accordance with MGC Mould Eradication Specification as follows: 


Eradication of Mould Wash down mould infected surfaces with RLT BACTDET 05 diluted with 4 parts of warm water using a brush, sponge or cloth. 

Extend treatment one metre in all directions beyond all visible signs of infection. 

When the solution becomes dirty make up a fresh one. 

Coverage must not exceed 10 square metres per diluted litre. 

Allow to dry.

Wallpapered Surfaces -  wash down with RLT BACTDET 05 solution prior to stripping.  Bag up wallpaper, seal and remove from the premises immediately.  Wash infected area again with RLT BACTDET 05 solution and allow to dry before proceeding.

This stage is essential as RLT BACTDET 05 will kill all mould spores and prevent them spreading to other areas  

Preparation - Prepare surfaces in accordance with good trade  practice. 

Scrape off all loose or flaking paint and rub down to sound surface.

Fill any holes or cracks in the surface with a proprietary filler and  allow to dry. 

Thoroughly abrade previously gloss painted surfaces with glasspaper to form a  key.  

All preparation work must be done  before the barrier, RLT HALOPHEN, has been  applied


Fungicidal Barrier - Apply by brush 1 coat of RLT HALOPHEN diluted with 4 parts of clean water. 

Extend the treatment at least one metre beyond the areas of infection in all directions and allow to dry. 

Coverage must not exceed 10 square metres per diluted litre.  Brush RLT HALOPHEN well in for maximum penetration.  Pay special attention to corners and junctions.  In areas of heavy infection apply a second coat and allow to dry before proceeding.

Please contact us for a free DVD showing the MEK mould treatment video and Sempatap Thermal application.