MGC Powersan 7 is a truly remarkable multi surface cleaner and sanitiser which achieves the highest level Log 7 of EN 1276 resulting in the survival of only one or less bacterium from each 10 million  present.

The material is highly concentrated and enhanced with powerful germicidal killing properties that enable the product to be used on any surface.

MGC POWERSAN 7 Ready to use 500ml Spray

PRICE £4.99 per 500ml spray                                    Cheque and Card Payments Only

Price Excludes VAT and Carriage

MGC Powersan 7 is ideal for a variety of sanitisation  uses following flooding damage to houses, shops, offices, schools and also areas as diverse as food preparation areas, sports complexes, hospitals, care homes, shopping centres as well as residential and domestic homes.


MGC Powersan 7 is non toxic, completely safe to use and is probably the most efficient and cost effective sanitiser/cleaner on the market. It is 100%biodegradable and safe to use by both skilled and unskilled operatives. MGC Powersan 7 is free of all VOC’s and  toxic Ingredients.

MGC POWERSAN 7 Concentrate 5lit Dilute 1 to 4 with clean water

PRICE £88.70 EACH Cheque and Card Payments Only

Price Excludes VAT and Carriage


MGC Comfort Thermometer

MGC’s Comfort Thermometer is an easy and inexpensive way for tenants and homeowners  to anticipate and avert “Cold & Dampness” problems in the home  

                       Price £8.60 plus VAT & carriage

Condensation is a major problem and cost throughout the Country for Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Private Landlords and homeowners.  


The MGC Comfort Thermometer is a vital and cost effective tool for assessing the risk of condensation, measuring  air temperature and air moisture content . The meter allows the householder to regulate the heating and ventilation to minimize condensation, help prevent mould growth and provide a more comfortable living environment. 


When the dial is in the  BLUE  sector additional heat is required to increase the room temperature, when in the  RED  sector some ventilation is required to reduce the room temperature and lower the humidity.  The  GREEN  sector indicates the ideal room temperature for comfort and healthy living conditions with no risk to health.


Too Humid

Identifying high humidity and  the onset of possible condensation at an early stage can prevent the start of problems of mould which will not only attack and ruin decorations but can also contaminate clothes, leather goods and furnishings. Prolonged exposure to mould can be injurious to health.


In the UK there are an estimated 6 million families and vulnerable people living in fuel poverty, MGC’s Comfort  Thermometer is an accurate and reliable gauge to indicate the condition of the dwelling and immediately draw attention to any impending dangers.  Living in cold, damp flats and houses seriously affects health and wellbeing.


Using the MGC Comfort Thermometer could not be easier, insert the batteries, then locate on a window  cill or fix to a wall in the hall of your property.  The meter can be moved from room to room as required.

Operation Instructions

INSTRUMENT OPERATION - Open the battery compartment and insert the batteries supplied.  For the most accurate recording of ambient temperatures, the Comfort Thermometer should be positioned away from direct sunlight or draughts.


The coloured indicators above the temperature and humidity display are a quick reference guide to temperature levels only.


MAX/MIN. -  Press the MAX/MIN button to display the maximum reading (“MAX”   symbol displayed).  Press the MAX/MIN button again to display the minimum reading (“MIN” symbol displayed).  Press MAX/MIN button again to return to normal readings.


To clear the MAX or MIN reading, press the clear button when viewing the MAX or MIN readings “..” will be shown and readings cleared.


Please note: Max/Min readings are not saved, so if the battery is removed or drained, the Max/Min readings will be cleared.


ºC/ºF - Press the ºC/ºF button on the front of the instrument to switch between Centigrade and Fahrenheit